Hello beautiful people! How are you guys doing? Great I suppose… enjoying the pre-summer weather. First of all I want to give a special shout out to all of my subscribers and amazing readers who have constantly kept up with my posts. I appreciate your support. Today I thought about sharing some tips with you guys on how to apply for scholarships. I will be doing a separate blog on how to compose yourself for an interview. But for now let’s focus on applying first.5270c1eb5ae4508e69b1ef8b5a779c64--money-for-college-college-tips

In every academic pursuit tuition is one of the first things we look at. We ask ourselves how expensive is this school? Can I afford it without having tons of debt? Etc. Good thing is that most times there are scholarships students can apply for. However, the most difficult part I see students struggling with is the process of applying without knowing the expectations. Think less I got you! Here are a few steps I have gotten from my experience and experiences from friends who have applied for scholarships and gotten it, or reached the finalists or semifinalist level. The hints are:

  • Read to understand: Prior to writing your essay it’s very important that you read and understand all the questions that are asked. Most often, people make the mistake of answering questions that doesn’t even relate to the original question. If you read and understand you will be able to decipher what exactly the question is asking.
  • Outline and organize your thoughts: Another way to write an effective scholarship essay is by outlining and organizing your thoughts. Think about this for a moment; the first time you see a question so many thoughts and ideas run through your mind. If you put all of these into an outline and organize it, it’s going to help you write your story effectively.
  • Elaborate your point: When you mention a point it’s good to expatiate your thoughts with supporting examples and reasons. For example, if they ask you about your career goals. Don’t just say I want to be a doctor. Give more details as to why you want to be a doctor, and how you’re working towards achieving that in terms of internships or volunteer opportunities with a clinic or hospital etc.outline
  • Use clear, concise, and simple language: When writing your essay it’s advisable to use coherent sentences that will be easy to understand. Don’t give the readers a reason to read a sentence over and over again to figure out what you’re trying to say. Make it simple and pithy.
  • Proofread your essay: After writing your essay read it for clarification to check grammatical errors or spellings. You can also give your essay to a friend or tutor to read it for you just to make sure everything is in order because often times the mistakes we don’t see might be observed by someone else.

These are some of the very important tips I have used to write my essays, and I hope it helps you in your essays as well. If you have applied for a scholarship or in the process of applying tell us the hint you used or plan on using in the comment section. Thanks for reading.


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  1. gb says:

    yessss Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you for reading.


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